In view: The ancient palace that was once the centre for patronage of pashmina shawls

The Discovering Roots story has been adventurous.

In a small Himalayan town of Jammu and Kashmir, India, a little boy's dreams formed out of stories narrated at home. These dreams transformed into a passion and vision in later life. Stories of the royal palace and the kings' fascination for art and patronage of pashmina shawls absorbed his wits. He was told that his town was a pashmina weaving hub in the bygone era. It featured in the silk route…its market still having remnants of shops famed for pashmina trade.

Ironically, that reality had become history… alive only in the memoirs of older generations or in books. His town had long lost the age-old tradition and its glory of handcrafting pashmina for generations. This realization was a painful and out of it stirred the zeal to revive the handicraft.

As they say, "Believe in your dreams. They were given to you for a reason."

The boy named Shakti Pathak, now a senior official with the Government of Jammu & Kashmir took the first step to revive the lost tradition of hand weaving pashmina shawls in his town. Fate played its role, and his path crossed with the couple, Rajni Sharma / Designer, Entrepreneur and Venkata Krishna,Advocate Supreme Court of India who were passionate about art, culture and tradition. This coming together gave a new facet to Shakti's dream. The couple founded DISCOVERING ROOTS trust. Rajni, with the support of her husband, worked fervently with the artisans, weavers, and local people to polish the handicraft. She understood the demands and trends of the bazaar and worked tirelessly to showcase this tradition on an international platform.

Discovering Roots presents a line of Khadi-Pashmina collection of stoles, shawls, mufflers, throws, and dress material. Every piece in our collection is a celebration of the experiences, discoveries, and passions that brought us where we are today: it is a tribute to the hidden splendor of the cultural heritage of India.